Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the farm

Mr. and Mrs. Johnston were really excited to see what we brought home to our "farm" today. Six little ducklings, "goslings" as Rae calls them and "chicks" as Ryane calls them. I did not have to sub today, so Ryane and I made a quick trip to Christiansburg to the Tractor Store for rabbit food and kitty litter. To our surprise, the TSC had little chicks, rabbits, and ducks. Ryane nearly wet herself. She was so excited. We've gone there this time every year to see the animals and they have always been sold out. I guess it just so happens to be a little earlier this year or something. At any rate, I pulled her away from the animals and we got our "Equine Pine" otherwise known to this house as kitty litter, rabbit and cat food and checked out. I told Ryane that we would call Mi Mi though, b/c she had said every single year that she wanted ducks on her pond and that we should have gotten some at Easter. So, I went to the car and got the phone and called. I went back to the tubs again with Ryane and started talking to the people about the ducks. Mom didn't necessarily think that getting two was such a great idea. For obvious reasons. Four would be a lot, but, what if? So, ok. Four was going to be the number until I talked to the clerk and read the sign that there was a minimum of six birds per sale. DEAR LORD. So, I called mom back and said that there was a minimum and we agreed that would be pushing it. I left without a fight and told Ryane that we just couldn't get six and that was a whole lot without talking to Paw Paw and not knowing when they were coming back from Florida. I had to make a stop at the Dairy Queen and while we were in there, mom called down and talked to Paw Paw who said that we could keep the ducks in the little chicken house until they got big enough to put them on the pond. He said that he would be home in time for them to be moved up. We've got them in a huge container and I even made them a little swimming pool today with a teeny tiny container. They were so cute. They tried swimming and they cleaned themselves off. Of course, the girls can't keep their hands off of them and Ryane nearly squeezes them to death. So, we will see how long they really last.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Rae was being a major turd the first day at Epcot and didn't want to be in the picture with Mary Poppins.

Oh, Jasmine, every man's favorite.

Not sure.

At least they weren't fighting in this picture..

holy cow!

this week has been NUTS! i was a substitute so much that the kids started asking if i was going to be back tomorrow. art, history, and gym. then, i went to narrows for the first time. that was really interesting because i was basically a babysitter for band. i emphasize babysitter because they were absolutely wild as bucks. narrows is on a block schedule, unlike giles, and their classes last 90 minutes. it nearly drove me up the wall. i had nothing to do except read a parents magazine and the schedules of the teachers from giles that the secretary had given me the day before. all they had to do was talk, sleep, play guitar, do homework and run up and down the isles. it was obnoxious. but, what could i say, or what would i do? the same thing if i was in their shoes. they were trapped with nothing to do. and, i guess if they weren't breaking anything they weren't doing anything wrong. i'm not sure how i feel about narrows yet. i'm going to have to take my adderall next time or i'm not going to make it.

Big News!

Yesterday was Kari's birthday, and it had been a while since I had spoken to her on the phone. When we called to sing her Happy Birthday, she told us that she was PREGNANT! She is 14 weeks, and is due September 21st! How exciting! I wanted to share with the family and friends who read the blog so you know before time passes by and her little bambino is already here!

Monday, March 16, 2009

we're back!