Sunday, February 22, 2009

hope you stay healthy

not sure where it came from, but the sick infestation is going through the house this week. it first started after dancing the other night. ryane barfed all over the floor after the other kids left out of the room. she freaked out, and i just was in awe of what happened b/c there were no signs what so ever of her becoming sick. so, i immediately grabbed one of my shelves off of the bookcase, and handed it to my dance mom/adult dancer tammy, and she took over ryane while i cleaned the monstrosity of apples/puke. she(ryane) then proceeded to expell in the container while i cleaned. but, "she wasn't sick." she proclaimed that over and over. at any rate, we got home, she was asleep in the car very quickly, and i put her on the couch. doug wasn't at home when i got here. so, i layed her down on the couch b/c i knew that there would be another episode. i was exhausted from all of the activity/work that had been going on. i fed rae, she fell asleep and then i fell asleep on the couch. doug came in, and i didn't notice that he had put both of the girls in the bed. big mistake, number one, big mistake number two, b/c he moved ryane from the couch and placed her in the far position of the bed. well, we all know what comes next. mommy is awakened by screaming children sometime after, with puke on rae, and the bed covered b/c ryane was trying to crawl out. MISTAKE. so, ryane was sick that day, i cleaned, and hoped that it would be ok. we got through a few days. and then it was rae's turn. no big stories here, it hasn't been dramatic. it's just been a long and drawn out process lasting two days instead of one. doug is feeling it today and has been chilling on the couch. i wiped down the tables in the library on friday with sanitizer wipes...i'm just OCD about germs

Friday, February 20, 2009

sneak peak


today was a special morning to have breakfast with mommies at the school. coincidentally, they ran out of sausage and egg croissants the minute that the girls came up to mr. rader, the principal who was serving the line. unfortunately, ryane sort of showed her butt a tad when he asked her if she wanted a egg and cheese, or an egg and cheese. she gave him an ugly face. but, while they were waiting to determine the deal with the croissants, i told him that i enjoyed the other day. he said, great, would you come back today at 12? i was flabber gasted, and certainly taken off guard b/c i had to think really quickly. some how, some way, i had to pull something out of my hat to get that done, and besides that, it was most likely going to be the sweet pay, as some of the subs would call it. there wasn't an assistant involved, i was going to be the librarian. oh, mother of the earth. if jared rader ever KNEW i hated to read and never read a textbook the entire time i was EVER in school. oh well, such is life, and at that point it didn't matter. until i got in the library, of course. i was able to place ryane in a safe play date right after school with one of rae's little friends parents. she goes to pick up her son at ryane's preschool at noon. i asked, and it worked out perfectly. we were able to visit the library, go see rae do her jump rope contest w/o her knowing we were watching and then head up to the school for ryane's big day. i went to work, then to the school, then back to the dairy queen, and then home to crash on the couch and sleep. it's wow.......interesting. and tiring, to say the very least.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


i had my first substitute deal this past monday. it was incredibly awesome. i could do that daily if i had those children. i was with the special education children. i was dealing one on one and in a small enviroment with children that needed help with math, reading, consonants, etc. it was fabulous. i was so blessed by the experience. i wish i could have just bottled it up b/c i have lost the special feeling i had that day from all the fast paced life and anxiety that i deal with on a daily basis. it was so unique. i am looking forward to more subing. i know that all of the environments will not be the same, but that is one that i am grateful that i experienced first.

rae has asked every day if i am going to her school that day. she thought it was great.

valentines day

this is the morning before the girls parties, i.e. before the maddness began

the precious little party at the preschool

and of course, there are no pictures for the filth of cake crap that i endured for two solid weeks leading up to valentines day. about 100 cakes strong sold in one week, no sleep what so ever, working at least 3 times per day including in the middle of the night, i am still trying to catch up with my rest. i am suffering burnt out in a major kind of way...that was seriously tough.

birthday ballet

i had a birthday ballet and tea party for ryane's 4th birthday at the studio on her actual birthday.

they all got ready in their hats, gloves and necklaces, and took turns going down the "barre"

after they finished doing that, they posed, twirled and danced

they all loved the ice cream cake, and were entirely too hyper and sugared up to send them home. believe me, it was a mess to clean up. we had a good time and it was special for the kids and the dance moms.