Saturday, January 31, 2009


here's a couple little shots from the week in florida. i will do a full post later. it's been a big day for us. we celebrated lainy's birthday with her family today and after we left the sharp house, we came back home and got a stereo with speakers along with some paperwork for the new dance school we are starting this tuesday. the girls were super excited to go down there to meet up with their little friend bethany. i talked with wayne gautier about all the ends and outs of the agreement while doug and the girls waited patiently for me to get finished. he gave me the key to the room and i walked over there to open it up again! :) it was so exciting! the girls just ran in there excited as can be! wayne came over there and gave us keys to the front door and continued talking to us again. i was glad that doug was able to talk to him one on one since i have done all of the corresponding with him. so, it is official! we are now operating a dance school! expressions, dance and movement! we are stoked! we pulled out the dance mats, and the girls played forever, they tumbled, and i cleaned and swept. i am going in there tomorrow to start cleaning, cleaning. it's a mess and a half. i will have to put some elbow grease into it. i have the mop bucket and scrub broom ready! first day of class is this tuesday!

Friday, January 23, 2009

that's what blogs are for

ryane has been abducted by the devil lately. she tried to poke rae's eye out with no remorse. sorry is NOT in her vocabulary.

i have had diarrhea for two weeks straight now. since maw maw and paw paw left for florida. we ate at compestre' the night before they left and i was convinced it was from the food but since it still was going on and not any better, i finally went to the doctor yesterday. i fipped both of the girls out, first with the biohazard bag for my poop sample with ryane. she wanted to take it into the dairy queen and show the people the bag and tell them what mommy had to do. and then with the poop sample gathering with rae by the nature of the beast. she would NOT leave my side. she had to then go with me to the hospital to take the specimen. i will find out what grows or not grows in a few days i suppose. and, i am doing bloodwork in the morning.

we are going to florida next monday after school because rae has a holiday on tuesday next week. i found tickets for 19 dollars each way going out of greensboro. we are excited. i hope i know what is going on with my butt by then b/c i can't take the headaches and crap down there...i know i will be menstral too. joy. i hope we all get along.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


where does the time go? it's somewhat of a nightmare feeling to remember all of those things you were told growing up...when they become true! please god, find some shrink wrap or a brick to put on my babies heads so i can keep them small for a little while longer. we are heading into the second semester of rae's kindergarten year? i still have a hard time realizing that.