Friday, September 26, 2008

were we there?

wow, it was as if we blinked and the last week flashed before our eyes. we managed to get in a few hours of beach time at the wedding last weekend so here is a little glimpse of it. i wasn't able to take pictures of the wedding festivities, sorry. it was so active. we went non-stop, but it was well worth it. michael and tara were a beautiful bride and groom (to be expected) and the events that tammy and mike held were amazing.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Michael and Tara's Princesses

we had to make sure that the dresses were ok and that there would be no surprises once we got to the wedding. there were perfect measurements taken at david's bridal with matching sizes in dresses ordered but when the they came in last week it wasn't fun. lots of running around to alter in the quick week and a half/two weeks before the wedding. we picked them up yesterday and this was the first dress rehearsal per se. they love them but are complaining now that the straps are too tight. they are beautiful, they fit now, the girls like them and don't want to throw them on the it's all fine and good to me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

and the little sister's school

this is just so hard to believe that both of the little girls are grown up and in school. three and five going on four and six? where has the time gone? it seems as if i blinked and it went away or something. i guess in some respect it did. ryane is going to school on monday, wednesday and friday from 9 to 12. she asks every day if we can go and pick rae rae up from school. she's really lost without her. i'm sure that she will get used to it after a couple of months.


coming home the first day

ryane is lost without her

getting on the bus

when she see's the bus for the first time

in the drive way

before school
bare with me here, i can't figure out the picture thing yet...
we are going on the third week of school. wow, has it been interesting. we can't get much out of miss rae. she's super excited but she WILL NOT speak about school. squeezing information out of her is nearly impossible. we've gotten that she likes the food, that there is a little boy named Alex (in the green shirt), and her little boyfriend Hunter is there in another class. from time to time, she will say that she saw someone or some lady from the pool that i know but that is about it. she loves her teacher and she claims that she get's "A+" on everything. as far as i can tell, there are only check marks and smiley faces as grades. whatever she wants to call them is fine. it doesn't really matter. we've been practicing writing her name quite a bit and she brings home lots of fun little story books she's made during the day. she loves it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


we made an executive decision to switch the girls dance school at the end of the school year this past may. it has proven to be a very, very positive move. the girls started dancing right away in june and have danced in three peformances. the dance instructor is great and she is very good with her students. she actually poked at me for about a month to join her down at the studio with her and some other ladies to "have fun" until i finally said yes. the first day that i went down there i was the only person in the class. i hadn't tap danced in over 16 years. i searched the house over for tap shoes, went to the good wills and called other thrift stores to find a pair that would fit me right. i ended up buying a pair of my own brand new tap shoes and i felt like i was a million dollars. from then on out, i've been with the girls as well, in those same performances. if you would have told me a year ago that i would be tap dancing and in front of people, i probably would have given you at least one mouth full. we all love it down there and it has been very therapeutic for me.

here we go again

hi all, i've been a blogger before and in most all instances the blogs have been about the kids. either what they have said, what kind of mess they made or if we went somewhere special. i am realizing more each day how incredibly hard it is to keep all of your wheels moving in the right direction and try to let the people you love know what you are up to and how you are doing. i hope that we can keep up with this blog!